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Were You Arrested on a Drug Abuse Charge?

At Malek Law Firm, we represent people accused of drug crimes ranging from simple possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia to serious felony charges of trafficking controlled substances.

Contact one of our criminal defense attorneys for a free consultation about your legal options if you are facing drug abuse charges.
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An Akron Drug Possession Lawyer That Will Fight For Your Rights

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We Represent Clients with the Following Drug Charges:

  • Trafficking, aggravated trafficking in drugs (Ordinance 2925.03 )
  • Illegal manufacture of drugs – illegal cultivation of marijuana – methamphetamine offenses (Ordinance 2925.04 )
  • Possession of controlled substances (Ordinance 2925.11)
  • Illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for manufacturer of drugs (Ordinance 2925.041 )
  • Unauthorized possession or sale of painkillers and other prescription drugs
  • Possession of drugs or paraphernalia in a motor vehicle
  • Drug abuse charges
  • Drug-related arrests during a period of probation or parole
  • Asset forfeiture proceedings involving cash, vehicles, or other property allegedly related to a drug offenses

The Malek Law Firm helps people arrested on drug charges to minimize or avoid the consequences of conviction through constitutional challenges to the circumstances of an arrest, execution of a search warrant, or traffic stop of a motor vehicle whenever the facts will support a motion to suppress the evidence of the offense charged.

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how a drug possession lawyer can help you

First Offender?

For first offenders, the attorneys at Malek Law Firm LLC can often obtain a referral of your case to Drug Court, which focuses on community-based drug treatment programs and rehabilitation as a constructive alternative to punishment.

If the facts of your case show that conviction of a state or federal offense is a likely outcome, Attorney Malek will do everything possible to find sentencing alternatives that will keep you out of state prison. Attorney Malek can often accomplish this objective through negotiation with the prosecution toward a mutually acceptable guilty plea, or through a well-prepared and persuasive presentation to the court at a sentencing hearing.

For additional information about our ability to help resolve your drug case on favorable terms, Contact Malek Law Firm for a free consultation.

Attorney Malek has helped people who have possessed:
Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Heroin, Marijuana, Opium, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, LSD, Anabolic steroids, and others.

Proudly serving Ohio counties: Summit County, Portage County and Cuyahoga County.
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Akron Drug Possession Lawyer

Possessing controlled substances is a criminal offense. Whether it be meth, heroin, crack, ecstasy, LSD, or any other illegal drug, the charge is serious. The type of drug and the amount in your possession is usually what determines whether the crime will be charged as a felony or misdemeanor. In addition, if the drug was intended to be used to sell, the charges are potentially more serious. The possession of illegal drugs carries a punishment of probation or imprisonment, and will most likely result in fines.

There is the potential of a less severe punishment which includes community service and/or mandatory drug treatment. There is also the risk of your driver’s license being suspended and the possibility of your assets being seized. An Akron criminal defense attorney has the knowledge to provide you with information regarding drug crimes, and share strategies that may be helpful in defending your case.

Contact us today if you have been arrested while in the possession of any of the following drugs:
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List of Illegal Drugs in Ohio

Cocaine/Crack Cocaine

Also known as Flake, Rocks, Snow

Marijuana, K2, Spice

Also Known as Blunt, Gress, Herb, Pot, Reefer, Smoke, Weed


Also Known as Crank, Crystal, Glass, Ice, Speed


Also Known as PCP, Angel Dust, Boat, Hog, Love Boat

Amphetamine Variants

Also Nnown as MDMA, Ecstasy, STP, XTC, Adam


Also Known as Acid


Also Known as Horse, Smack


Also Known as Magic Mushroom, Purple Passion, Shrooms


Also Known as G, Liquid Ecstasy, Goob, Liquid X

Methadone & Ketamine

Also Known as K, Special K, Vitamin K, Kit Kat


Also Known as Hash


Also Known as Testosterone, Stanazolol, Nandrolene
The prosecution will use every strategy in their playbook to pursue a conviction, particularly when you have been found with large quantities of illegal drugs in your possession. An Akron criminal defense attorney can provide many criminal defense strategies for drug crimes.


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