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Battling a Northeast Ohio CDL Suspension?

At Malek Law Firm, we know how important maintaining your commercial driver’s license is to your livelihood. If you are facing a suspension and need the help of a CDL DUI attorney in Ohio, our team is ready to fight for you.

Known as the “OVI Queen” in Northeast Ohio, Linda M. Malek and her team have extensive knowledge of drug and alcohol defenses and experience in handling cases from misdemeanors to felonies. We will help you to understand your situation, consider all of the options, and build the best possible defense in an aim to lift your Ohio CDL suspension as quickly as possible. Contact our criminal defense team today for a free consultation about your legal options.

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Understanding CDL-Related OVI and DUI Laws:

  • Commercial drivers are held to a higher standard than others, with “any detectable amount” of alcohol or any other controlled substance while driving considered a violation
  • Refusal of a test or testing with a traceable amount of alcohol or a controlled substance leads to a one-year CDL suspension upon your first offense
  • With a second test refusal or failing test, your license may be disqualified for life or a “lesser period as prescribed by rule by the registrar”
  • You’ll need to partner with an experienced attorney — like those at Malek Law Firm — that can help you build a defense against OVI-related criminal charges and can advise you in handling the reinstatement of your license with the Ohio BMV

CDL OVI-Related Disqualification Regulations from the Ohio BMV

Here is a breakdown of the OVI-related charges that may result in temporary or permanent disqualification of an Ohio CDL license and the amount of time it will last for, taken from the official Ohio BMV website. Please keep in mind that most one year disqualifications may be increased to three years for commercial vehicles transporting hazardous materials.


ViolationFirst OffenseSecond Offense
Alcohol or Drug Test RefusalOne YearLifetime
Alcohol Positive Test of Any Detectable Amount in a CMV24 Hours24 Hours
Alcohol Positive Test of These Amounts or Above in a CMV: 0.04 Breath Test, 0.048 Blood Test, or 0.056 Urine TestOne YearLifetime
OVI Conviction in Any VehicleOne YearLifetime
Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance in Any VehicleOne YearLifetime


Definition of Domestic Violence Charge in Ohio
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A CDL DUI Attorney in Ohio You Can Trust

An OVI with a CDL can put not only your immediate future at risk, but also your long-term financial wellbeing.That is why it is so important to partner with a lawyer you can place your faith and trust in to help you move forward from an Ohio CDL suspension with calm and confidence.

The Malek Law Firm team has extensive experience handling DUI and OVI charges of every type and level of severity. We can help you get back on your feet and get back out on the road following a suspension.

what to expect of a Domestic Violence Charge in Ohio
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