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Linda Malek offers over 20 years of experience and has defended hundreds of DUI & criminal cases.
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“Linda and her team are top-notch. Holding your hand through a very difficult and nervous time. Linda handled my case with determination and grit to get the results we were hoping for. I would highly recommend Linda. Simply put, she gets it done!"
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Akron Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing a charge, you need a criminal defense attorney that will fight for you. Linda M. Malek is one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Summit County. With over 18 years of experience defending clients, criminal defense is her expertise. Additionally, Attorney Malek is one of the best DUI attorneys in Akron. She has taken it upon herself to obtain multiple DUI/OVI certifications, refining her craft for the benefit of clients. Proven by numerous courtroom wins, Linda Malek is known for her uncanny ability to find holes and errors in the prosecutor's case. 

In addition to herself, Attorney Malek has put together a powerful team of criminal defense attorneys to help represent in the courtroom. A criminal lawyer's job is not to judge you for the alleged crime. Instead, we listen. Only then do we begin digging until your case is ready to go face a courtroom. From a ruined reputation to jail time, accusations are often life-changing even if you are innocent. 

Dealing with the aftermath of a criminal record is one of the most stressful situations. From employment and schooling to finances as a whole, criminal charges take their toll. Don't face the system alone.  Instead, rest easy knowing that your case will receive the defense it deserves with Malek Law Firm.
the best criminal defense attorney akron ohio
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Leading Criminal Defense Attorney in Akron, Ohio

Ohio DUI charges, now known as an OVI, are extremely serious.  The process is timely, expensive, and can have a major impact on your life. Punishments range from fines and license suspension to house arrest and jail time.  The severity of the punishment depends on several case details, number of offenses, and the  severity of the offense. Luckily, Malek Law Firm specializes in Ohio OVI charges.  Attorney Linda M. Malek is an expert at her craft.  Our team understands that sometimes, mistakes are made.  We fight to dig up as many details as we can to protect our clients and produce the best possible result. 

OVI/DUI & Impaired Driving

Police observations as well as witnesses who may have observed your condition and behaviors can be challenged through effective defense strategies.

Obtaining Driving Privileges

Obtaining driving privileges is not automatic, and depends greatly on what type of OVI it is, whether it’s your first offense or you’ve had multiple OVI’s.

Non Alcohol Related OVI

Driving under the influence of substances such as marijuana, prescriptions medications or other drugs is considered an OVI if it affects your ability to drive.

Refusal/Fail to Blow

Whether there was a misunderstanding or you were just uncertain of what to do when an officer requested a breath sample, we can help.
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Meet criminal defense attorney in akron Ohio Linda Malek

Led By Linda M. Malek. 

“From the moment I become involved I will pick apart every fact, examine every issue and nuance and prepare a comprehensive strategy to attack the criminal charges.  I work alongside my trained staff of investigators to explore all available alternatives, unearth potential evidence, and interview any and all witnesses.”
-Linda Malek
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