Don't Fight a Domestic Violence Charge in Ohio By Yourself

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Domestic violence can happen to any person regardless of age, race or gender. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are severe. Ohio takes this type of case very seriously. If you’ve been accused, you need an Akron domestic violence attorney immediately. I am available day and night to answer your call. Usually, when a domestic violence situation comes about, it does not go away with ease.

What Should I Do Right Away?

Don’t give up hope! Although there is some degree of bias against alleged batterers, I am familiar with domestic violence cases and have handled many of them, it is highly possible to raise a reasonable doubt as to your guilt. You need to take immediate action, and realize the seriousness of your situation.

Building a Domestic Violence Defense Legal Strategy with Linda M. Malek will do nothing but assist your case.
domestic violence charge in ohio

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What is the definition of a Domestic Violence Charge in Ohio?

The Ohio Revised Code defines Domestic Violence under 3113.31.
It is crucial to realize the seriousness of the situation you or your loved one is in, and how much is at stake. The penalties can be very severe and costly, and having a domestic violence conviction on your record has many effects on your freedom, your rights and privileges.

What are the possible penalties of a domestic violence conviction?

The penalties one faces depend on whether the Prosecutor brings a misdemeanor or a felony charge. Possible penalties include:

  • Appropriate programs (substance abuse, anger management)
  • Restraining order, temporary or permanent
  • Loss of child custody
  • Not allowed to possess or be around firearms
  • Deportation or being denied naturalization or re-entry to the U.S.
  • Jail time, with amount depending on the specific charges
Definition of Domestic Violence Charge in Ohio

What to Expect When Facing a Domestic Violence Charge in Ohio

Domestic violence cases are a process. From the time of the arrest, it might take several months or longer if a case goes to trial. The case will either be tried in front of a jury in a criminal case, or closed early by a “plea bargain” with the prosecutor. It sounds complicated, but that's why you have Malek Law as your representations.  

Regardless of what happens, we are walk you through each and every step. With extensive knowledge of the law and courtroom experience, our team understands the legal merits of your case. Therefore, we can pose a credible challenge to the prosecutor. As a result, raising the chances of a successful verdict or plea bargain.

Our Process

Malek Law begins building your defense right away. First, we compile relevant facts pertaining to the case and create a time line while events are still fresh in our client's mind. At the earliest possible opportunity, our team obtains a copy of the police report. 
Then, we might ask you for photos of the crime scene if available. Photos and statements by the victim, witnesses , and arresting officers are often helpful.  

We rake over each and every little detail as the trial date approaches. Meanwhile, we are also studying the opposing side’s version of the facts and the evidence they will use. Surprisingly, their version of the story is an extremely helpful aid in telling yours.  We can often identify inconsistencies for the benefit of our client.

Malek Law takes  over communication with the accuser and the prosecution. Contrary to popular belief, this is never seen as an admission of guilt or adversarial.  Instead, it calms the situation, protecting your rights and your reputation.
what to expect of a Domestic Violence Charge in Ohio
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Domestic Violence Charge in Ohio affecting citizenship status

How can a domestic violence charge in Ohio affect my U.S. citizenship status?

A domestic violence conviction may prevent you from being naturalized, renewing your visa, or from re-entering the United States. It might even lead to deportation. This is because a conviction for domestic violence is considered to be a crime of “moral turpitude” and therefore carries a moral stigma and reflects poorly on your record. Though every case is unique, a skilled attorney can handle your case in a way that protects your status or odds of becoming naturalized. If you are not a citizen of the U.S., you should make sure to mention this to your attorney. We have immigration attorneys we work with to assist us with these issues and who will consult with us on all matters related to your immigration status. Again, protecting you is our priority.
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