Hustle, Bustle, and a DUI

Holidays Not So Happy With a DUI

Out and about getting all of your holiday shopping done, lists checked, stocking stuffers ready, and you decide to stop and have a few drinks. Next thing you know, you are pulled over and given a sobriety test. Your holiday gift from the law. Handcuffed and taken downtown.

The scenario above is a very popular one during the holiday season. The stress of the holidays makes us want to unwind. Unfortunately, this seemingly innocent act is cause for a DUI charge.

The Holiday season is a busy time for the Akron Police Department. You will see more and more patrol cars sitting off the highway, or even on side roads. You may even run into an Akron DUI checkpoint.

How To Avoid a DUI

  • The first and most obvious way to avoid DUI charges is to designate a driver
  • A DUI lifesaver that is not used nearly enough is a Taxi Cab. Keep in mind that many Taxi Services offer free rides around the holidays. We have Uber's and Lyft's that we can rely on to get us home safely, but preparation is key, especially around the holidays when their services are popular.
  • Know your limits. Your Blood Alcohol Content is what will make or break you.

If you or someone close to you is arrested for a DUI/OVI in Akron, or other cities in Summit, Portage, or Cuyahoga counties, contact Akron DUI attorney Linda M. Malek for a free consultation.

Be safe, and have a great holiday season.

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