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When facing an OVI, DUI, domestic violence, or weapons charge, you can trust our Wadsworth attorneys to always raise the bar on client representation and care. Nobody plans to get hit with a criminal charge, so the sooner the Malek Law team gets involved, the more courtroom-ready you’ll be. Our legal team has the capacity to deliver personalized attention to every client in every case, from misdemeanors to felonies, with the same quality of care. From answering detailed questions about paperwork to explaining every legal option, with our counsel, you will feel confident navigating the court system.

With our lines of communication always open, our responsive legal team takes the burden off of you by ensuring you are ready for every appointment and that the documents you need are in order. We understand that tough charges can lead to long-lasting consequences, for you and your family, if not represented effectively. You may feel like the odds are stacked against you, but with a legal team that has 13 years of experience, proven defense strategies, and a reputation for success, you can feel confident about your next legal move. Linda Malek and her team of top Wadsworth lawyers will prepare you with expert criminal defense while keeping you in the loop the entire process.
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Our Experienced Wadsworth Lawyers Specialize in:

DUI, OVI, and Impaired Driving

Did you know failing a breathalyzer test in Ohio doesn’t guarantee a conviction? Our team has a strategy to challenge sobriety tests and will use it to aggressively advocate for your best interests. The penalties from a DUI can be serious. If you’ve been charged, give us a quick consultation call.

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Drug Possession Charges

The penalties for drug possession depend on the type of drug, the amount, and location. A drug charge can lead to heavy losses including a heavy fine or months in jail. Our team will challenge all of the evidence provided by prosecutors and police to bring the best options to light.

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Federal Drug Trafficking Cases

Do you know if your drug trafficking case is a misdemeanor or a felony? Trafficking in prescription pills, medicine, or more in Schedules I or II can result in a felony. If you are facing this serious charge, side with a team that is serious about your case. Learn more about drug trafficking penalties and how our legal experts can help.

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Concealed Carry Charges

Have you been caught with a weapon, but don’t hold a license? If your weapon was loaded, you could face a felony, jail time, and a heavy fine of $5,000. If you are facing a weapons charge, or need legal firearm license advice, our team will keep you on the right side of the law.

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Domestic Violence 

Our team will comb through timelines and every accusation in a domestic violence case to best present the facts of your situation. We are experts at identifying inconsistencies and will shine a light on your side of the story. Linda Malek and her team are always ready to best represent and start reviewing the facts.

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Robbery Charges

If convicted of robbery, you face having a violent felony on your record and up to eight years in prison. If charged, you need an aggressive team of criminal attorneys on your side to prepare a proper defense. Learn more about the different types of theft in Ohio and potential penalties, and how our lawyers can help.

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Criminal Defense You Can Count On Across Medina County:

  • Medina
  • Wadsworth
In Addition to Medina County, Our Lawyers Have You Covered in:
  • Belmont
  • Cuyahoga
  • Harrison
  • Jefferson
  • Mahoning
  • Medina
  • Portage
  • Stark
  • Summit
  • Tuscarawas
  • Wayne
If you are currently seeking lawyers in Wadsworth of Medina County, give us a call and our expert attorneys will hear you out, answer your questions, and help walk you through your options.

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Linda M. Malek and her team have the resources and results to take on your legal challenge, no matter the circumstances. With specialized strategies and a proven reputation in DUI and OVI cases, concealed carry, domestic violence, drug trafficking and possession, and more, we will review records others won’t.

With 13 years of trial experience and high success rates, our team is a trusted choice for legal defense in Wadsworth, Ohio. If you are facing a tough charge, get trusted representation with a team that knows your case inside and out.

“Malek Law firm came recommended to me through a friend to handle some things for my wife and I. Linda and her team went above and beyond the call of duty to handle our needs. Linda & her staff made us feel comfortable and secure as we moved through the process...” — Vince Ventura

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