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Nobody plans to face a criminal charge. Without aggressive representation, you could be saddled with jail time, heavy fines, job loss, and lasting damage to your reputation. Partner with the best criminal defense attorneys in New Philadelphia who have your best interests in mind. Our attorneys are prepared to defend you against a DUI in New Philadelphia, theft, concealed carry, domestic violence, and drug charges. We set the standard when it comes to client representation and have the capacity to deliver the attention to detail it takes to give your case the best chance.

In the United States, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and both parties are entitled to a fair trial. In every case, we armor our clients with all of their rights and open new opportunities for reducing penalties or avoiding conviction. From misdemeanors to felonies, we treat each case with the same quality of care. With a highly specialized legal team that has 13 years of experience, our attorneys in New Philadelphia Ohio can help you get your life back on track.

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Our Experienced New Philadelphia Lawyers Practice:

As reliable Wooster, Ohio attorneys, we are ready to take your call on any of these charges:

DUI, OVI, and CDL Suspension

It’s no secret commercial drivers are held to a higher standard. If you are facing a suspension, and your job is at risk, you need an expert CDL DUI attorney to fight your Ohio CDL suspension. With a failing test, your license may be disqualified for life. Don’t leave your case up to chance and call for a quick consultation.

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Drug Possession Charges

The penalties for drug possession depend on the type of drug, the amount, and location. A drug charge can lead to heavy losses including a heavy fine or months in jail. Our team will challenge all of the evidence provided by prosecutors and police to bring the best options to light.

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Federal Drug Trafficking Cases

Do you know if your drug trafficking case is a misdemeanor or a felony? Trafficking in prescription pills, medicine, or more in Schedules I or II can result in a felony. If you are facing this serious charge, side with a team that is serious about your case. Learn more about drug trafficking penalties and how our legal experts can help.

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Concealed Carry Charges

Have you been caught with a weapon, but don’t hold a license? If your weapon was loaded, you could face a felony, jail time, and a heavy fine of $5,000. If you are facing a weapons charge, or need legal firearm license advice, our team will keep you on the right side of the law.

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Domestic Violence

Social media, drugs and alcohol, and custody battles continue to complicate domestic violence cases. Our legal team knows how to navigate these unique circumstances and will work to help you gain a more favorable position. Our attention to detail separates us from any other attorney in New Philadelphia.

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Robbery Charges

If convicted of robbery, you face having a violent felony on your record and up to eight years in prison. If charged, you need an aggressive team of criminal attorneys on your side to prepare a proper defense. Learn more about the different types of theft in Ohio and potential penalties, and how our lawyers can help.

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Linda M. Malek and her team have a proven reputation in DUI and OVI cases, concealed carry, domestic violence, theft charges, drug trafficking, and drug possession. Serious charges result in serious penalties. With the right resources and a legal team that is committed to protecting your rights, you’ll be fully prepared to defend your case with proven strategies.

With more than 13 years of experience and high trial success, trust our expert attorneys in New Philadelphia Ohio to advocate for your case no matter the tough circumstances.

“Very Pleased! When I first started my search to hire a lawyer to help with an assault charge, I was so lost and had no idea what I was doing. Out of the three lawyers I called, Linda made me feel comfortable and confident right from the beginning…” — April Robison

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