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A common misconception of domestic violence in Ohio is that a conviction requires a physical altercation. The Ohio Revised Code § 2919.25 in fact outlines that no one should cause serious harm to a household member by force or even by threat of force. Unfortunately, particularly in cases where individuals have been falsely accused, a mere allegation puts your future, reputation, and family ties at imminent risk. With stakes this high, you need legal representation that not only specializes in domestic violence but has the capacity to give you the direction you need. 

All from answering your questions, keeping direct lines of communication open, and reminding you of appointments, your case will stay on track with the unparalleled dedication from our domestic violence defense attorneys at Malek Law LLC. Whether you contemplate a plea bargain from the prosecutor or face a jury, our attorneys have successfully resolved numerous cases and are here to back your next decision with a clear strategy. We understand that domestic violence charges can arise from almost anything, and we are ready to protect your rights to the full extent of the law.  

The Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction 

Ultimately, the role of the prosecution comes down to proving a household member believed you would knowingly cause them harm, that you did, in fact, cause physical harm, or that you intentionally attempted to. The penalties for domestic violence often vary, from a felony to a misdemeanor based on the circumstances. An important role for domestic violence defense attorneys is to help defendants understand all that is at stake — including short-term fines, a decade of jail time, temporary restraining orders, a potential civil lawsuit, custody orders, and long-term effects like potentially losing relationships, professional licenses, and jobs.

Understanding that a majority of domestic violence defendants are first-time offenders, Malek Law LLC brings years of defense experience that quickly brings a resolution to this stressful ordeal. Whether you are facing domestic violence allegations for battery, child abuse or neglect, stalking, sexual battery, or the violation of a restraining order, the most important thing you can do is contact an attorney with proven experience immediately. After a domestic case is filed, the victim is no longer able to drop charges, leaving it up to the prosecutor to decide. Therefore, when a case arises, it does not go away with ease. 

Navigate the Court System with Proven Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

An allegation of domestic violence is only the first step in a lengthy and complex legal process. Once a complaint is filed, officers are issued a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. Following an arrest, the defendant enters an initial plea and a judge places any additional conditions on bail. At the pre-trial hearing, our domestic violence defense attorneys review any submitted evidence and tirelessly uphold our client’s rights to seek reduction or dismissal of their charges.

During the final step in the criminal process — the trial — our defense team will identify inconsistencies in the case presented, present a clear timeline, offer photos and statements from the victim, witnesses, and officers, and build your credibility to put you in the best position for a favorable outcome. Our preparation for the trial begins at the earliest opportunity by analyzing the victim’s version of events and obtaining the police report. If there are instances where your rights are being violated including police misconduct, we will bring them to light and will compile the strongest evidence in the defendant’s favor. 

Finally, Move Forward with a Confidential Case Consultation

Although facing domestic violence allegations may potentially be the worst and most stressful period in your life, Malek Law LLC is here to show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Ensure you are prepared for the best potential outcome with experienced domestic violence defense attorneys who walk you through every step. With a free confidential case review, you can finally feel confident in your next steps knowing you are in the best care. Eventually, you can even move on with your life, knowing you were prepared with the best defense strategy for your circumstances. 

The majority of first-time domestic violence cases in Ohio result in a misdemeanor or a dismissal, and with the right representation, any penalties, including jail time, can be significantly reduced. Although domestic violence should always be carefully considered, we recognize there is always the potential for false allegations. At Malek Law LLC, we work tirelessly to protect our clients from wrongful convictions and protect their rights to the full extent of the law despite the stigma defendants face.

Face Allegations Head-On with Experienced Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

If you are facing a serious criminal charge, you don’t need to face the courtroom alone with your future at stake. With more than 20 years of legal experience, Malek Law LLC and its specialized team are ready to lend a hand in cases of domestic violence to ensure your rights are respected and that your side of the story is equally represented. Our domestic violence defense attorneys are always ready to best represent you by combing through every detail and leaving no stone unturned.  

Not only do we prevent illegal evidence from being used against you, but we negotiate to get you the best potential outcome for your circumstances. If you are uncertain of what to do, it might be time to give our domestic violence defense attorneys a call. 

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